Français langue étrangère

Travaillez avec un coach de langue française sur vos besoins spécifiques, prédéterminés, que ce soit pour des raisons personnelles ou professionnelles. Choisissez si vous préférez des cours en personne ou en ligne, et réservez vos cours quand vous voulez. Éligible CPF ou financement entreprise pour des salariés travaillant en France.

Conçu pour développer vos compétence en compréhension et en expression, nos cours de français langue étrangère vous feront parler et vous aideront à trouver les réponses à vos questions de grammaire, de vocabulaire et de culture !

Your own, private French coach will work with you on a range of needs, determined before you begin, be they for your personal or professional life. Choose whether to work on line or in-person, and then take your classes at your own rhythm. CPF eligible for employees working in France.

Designed to develop your comprehension and expression skills, our French coach will get you speaking and help you find the answers to all your grammar, vocabulary and cultural questions!

On request, we can set up a group French class for people looking to practice and improve their French language skills. Minimum 4 people per class.

We can also help to organise a stay in France for professional groups looking to spend a week learning French in Brittany…

Brittany landscape with boats

French Summer Immersion Course

Come and learn French with us in Brittany this summer!

One week of fun, games, classes and practical exercises to get you using, understanding and speaking French more comfortably.

From Monday 5th August to Friday 9th August, spend 35 hours with us, learning, chatting, shopping, eating.